Bali Bikes Rack System

In Bali all the scooters we came across had a rack system for surfers to carry their boards but the racks could never be detached from the bikes which made them an absolute nightmare.

BaliBikes rack system is the most simple rack system in the world. A one press click and your rack can detach or attach straight away. An idea just for surfboards has now evolved into making racks for many more sporting equipment goods including snowboards, wakeboards and even musical instruments.

Custom racks can be made to suit your lifestyle, whether it’s work or leisure. Racks come in the standard colour of black but can be changed to your individual taste for an extra cost.

Jackson Customs


Jackson Customs


Jackson Customs



Jackson Customs was born on an afternoon chillin’ in a Balinese villa after a long morning of surfing. With a love of motorbikes and an engineering background we set out to create the perfect scooter and rack system for surfing and other sporting equipment. We import all our scooters from Japan and then service, MOT and customise each one to our customers specifications. Jackson Customs deliver 3 different models, the SleazyRider, the Delinquent, and the Vagabond.

 Bikes come in four standard colours, white , black, steel silver or red. Custom colours will cost extra.







Interested in building a bespoke bike with Jackson Customs or have any questions you need clearing up?

You can contact us by email on or by telephone on +44 (0) 7941081759. Alternatively you can fill the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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